In the fall of 2012 I had the honor of leading a Laughter Yoga session at Marion Correcitonal Institution, a medium security men's prison in Marion, Ohio. I laughed with about 50 "men in blue" and here are a few of the comments. Of the men present, 17 signed up to learn more about sharing the laughter with their fellow inmates.

"Absolutely absurd. But I felt amazing afterward."

"Who knew you could laugh so hard for no reason?  Well, you can, and there is reason… it feels great." 

"I came because I was curious and didn't have anything better to do.  I'm hooked though.  Seriously….. (smile)."

"I couldn't believe every single one of those men in the circle ended up laughing… even the "old school"  guys."

"Prison is a place where you forget how to laugh.  I had.  I think I remember now."

"I learned in another program that a way to heal yourself is to take care of the little boy inside you.  Tonight I did and he feels better."


Testimonials from Laughter Yoga students and Laughter Yoga Training participants:

“Meg put together the best 2-day workshop I’ve ever taken. It was well organized and FUN!“
Lynn Wallen Sanibel, Florida

Meg, I've been to a lot of training sessions over the years and you truly are a wonderful trainer. Your personality is delightfully infectious and you definitely delivered tons of content with even more tons of fun!  I am so glad I attended your training.  
MJ  Cincinnati, OH

"I took Meg's Laughter Yoga Leader Training in July of 2014.  I have been living with a chronic pain condition, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), for 18 years with the past 4+ being the most difficult and medically challenging. I have also been in a wheelchair now for a little over a year. I always knew laughter was good and it has helped get me through some tough times, but it really is the best medicine for so many things.  The first morning of the training, we started as 10 strangers who on the surface were completely different from each other and ended Sunday afternoon as 10 friends who have not stopped emailing each other since.  Meg created such and amazing environment that allowed us to feel safe and gave us the ability to open up, be vulnerable, try new things and laugh openly.   Going from being able bodied to being in a wheelchair 100% has not been an easy transition and their have been times that I felt very uncomfortable and insecure. I found as the class went on my comfort and confidence increased and has continued to do so since.  Being  around such a diverse, accepting group of people with such positive energy for 2 days, forcing myself out of my comfort zone and laughing has helped me continue moving forward on my journey.  I can’t thank Meg enough for such an amazing experience and I can’t wait to share the experience with others.

Daryn Brown, Columbus, OH

"We are so glad we made the trip.  Your workshop was fun, fast-paced, chock full of great ideas
and very professional.  Your years of experience shone through."

Charlotte Phillips, Cameron, MO

“I certainly enjoyed my Laughter Yoga Leader Training classes with Meg. She did an excellent job covering all aspects of Laughter Yoga, from its history to tips on leading groups with physical, mental or emotional limitations. Meg is such a warm, creative and caring person to work with...not to mention amusing. She is very sincere in her desire to "spread the laughter", and very supportive of others who wish to learn the craft.”
Joyce Johnson Columbus, OH

“Remember that old saying "I got a million of 'em"? When it comes to Laughter Yoga,that would definitely apply to Meg Scott. She is a perfect blend of knowledge, compassion and joyful energy! The workshop was very informative and the support and encouragement was wonderful. The people I met through Meg's training workshop were and continue to be sources of great inspiration. In regards to my own Laughter Club, I now have so many great resources thanks to Meg. Laughter Yoga has changed my life in immediate ways through the training workshop, but also gradually, as I continue to nurture my relationship with the silly child that I used to think I had outgrown. I would easily recommend training with Meg to everyone! It was a wonderful experience and Meg is awesome!”
Lisa Clark (Laughter Yoga Leader)

“I had such a wonderful time in your Laughter Yoga leadership workshop. I simply loved it. I learned so much, and I plan on continuing this important work at Central Michigan University--in the classroom and hopefully on the entire campus in a Laughter Yoga club.”
Denise Cole St. Alma, Michigan

“As a fellow laughter leader and laughter lover, I admire Meg's ability to generate laughs and giggles in those who attend her sessions. I also appreciate her tenacity in offering regular programming year round either personally or through those she has trained. She's always willing to share her tips on leading laughter sessions with other leaders, whether they were trained through her organization or another, which is a real mark of someone who knows we need more laughter in the world! “
Pat Snyder, Author of The Dog Ate My Planner, CLL, Worthington, OH

“Great fun. A talented instructor. I had a great time at my training! Would recommend to all.”
Susan Weber Sarasota, FL

“For years, I wanted to have my own laughter yoga club. Finally I was able to take Meg's LY training. I was blown away...it was Fun with a Capital F. I laughed more that weekend than ever before, learned a framework for running my own club, and got the confidence to do just that. If you want to lead a laughter club, or just lead laughter around you in real life...this training is your step off into that goal. All the benefits of LY come to you in abundance as you learn about laughter and they keep multiplying...laughter makes life easier and more Fun!”
Gail Sky Bexley, OH

“There just are soooooo many wonderful things to tell you about Meg! For simplicity's sake, I'll just say this - contact Meg & learn about Laughter Yoga!! You'll be thrilled that you did!!”
Rebecca Wood Albuquerque, NM

“Meg Scott was the instructor for my Laughter Yoga training class. She is Awesome! Her professionalism and knowledge was freely shared with all. She is truly committed to bringing Laughter, Peace, and Healing to our local community and to our world.”
Deborah Wiseman Columbus, OH

“Meg led me and a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds in Laughter Yoga. She showed tremendous sensitivity to the dynamics of the group as well as to the individuals. Her insights with both yoga and laughter greatly contributed to the success of our workshop. Meg's leadership skills were well balanced with her connection to each participant's attitude, personality, and personal goals.”
Andy Kereky Bay Village, OH

“Meg Scott is the perfect representative of a Laughter Leader, due to her bright energy, enthusiasm, good heart, and new ideas. She has a great way to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable when attending one of her laughing circles.”
Portia Yiamouyiannis, Columbus, OH

“Meg is a great teacher. Her laughter yoga leader instruction was life changing. I came away feeling confident that I could lead several different types of Laughter Yoga clubs. Meg continues to give me wonderful support, and answers emails promptly. She has really helped us to get our club started.” Kim Roumeliote, Columbus, OH

“I have attended Laughter Yoga both in Westerville and in Ft. Myers. Meg's confidence, enthusiasm and flexibility create a receptive atmosphere that inspires participants to open up to the experience and to carry the laughter with us as we face everyday challenges.”
Jeannie DeSanto New Albany, OH

“ Meg trained our staff in Laughter Yoga and served as a consultant to our organization in preparing the class on “Laughter and the Mind-Body Connection.”  She wrote our Laugh Out Loud manual for Certified Super Noggin Instructors to use in leading laughter exercises.”  LEAF Ltd., a nonprofit organization that developed the Super Noggin™ brain fitness program. Lynn Wallen, Vice President of Research and Development Leaf Ltd.  Sanibel, Florida Visit www.SuperNoggin.org using the Links menu.



  • FRIDAY MORNINGS 8:00-9:00am
  • Lynn Hall Park 950 Estero Blvd. Fort Myers Beach, Florida.
  • Bring a beach towel.
  • Rain or Shine.
  • Parking $2.
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  1. Laughter is a stress buster.
  2. Laughter boosts the immune system.
  3. Laughter promotes relaxation.
  4. Laughter reduces anxiety and depression.
  5. Laughter exercises the diaphragm and abdominal muscles.
  6. Laughter helps control blood pressure.
  7. Laughter increases lung capacity and oxygen intake.
  8. Laughter helps detoxify the body.
  9. Laughter increases circulation.
  10. Laughter is fun and makes you feel GOOD!

Laughter Yoga Leader Training

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